Al Huwiyah: Journal of Woman and Children Studies

Al Huwiyah: Journal of Woman and Children Studies is published by the Center for Gender and Child Studies (Pusat Studi Gender dan Anak) LP2M, Universitas Islam Negeri Raden Intan Lampung. The journal has been issued two times a year every June and Desember. Al Huwiyah invites scholarly articles on gender and child studies from multiple disciplines and perspectives, including religion, education, psychology, law, social studies, etc.


p-ISSN: 2828-2302 (print version)
e-ISSN: 2808-5612 (electronic/online version)

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Vol 3, No 1 (2023): Al Huwiyah: Journal of Woman and Children Studies

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Mifta Rizki Mardika, Abdul Firman Ashaf, Nanda Utaridah
10.24042/jwcs.v3i1.15869 | Abstract views : 35
Nurprapti Wahyu Widyastuti, Namira Aurum Salsabila
10.24042/jwcs.v3i1.14612 | Abstract views : 98
Khanda Gharib Aziz, Lava Jabar, Darya Wahbi, Rayan Luqman
10.24042/jwcs.v3i1.17158 | Abstract views : 431
Efen Nurfiana, Umi Halwati
10.24042/jwcs.v3i1.15801 | Abstract views : 82
Suslina Suslina
10.24042/jwcs.v3i1.16034 | Abstract views : 69